K-7 Equipment

If you suffer from TMJ or TMD, the state-of-the-art K7 equipment may play an important part of determining what neuromuscular dentistry treatment can give you relief. The amazing new K7 technology allows cosmetic dentists like Dr. Stephen Durham to effectively and efficiently measure and record jaw function and jaw muscle activity. With this invaluable information, Dr. Durham is able to identify specific areas that are problematic, and thoroughly evaluate your neuromuscular needs. With this inside look into the jaw activity of patients, we can see what your jaw joints need to function properly.

K7 is essentially a system of data collection and provided Dr. Durham with imperative jaw tracking, electromyography and joint sonography information. These three components measure your neuromuscular jaw function and store the data in a format that can be translated into effective treatment plans.

To find out how K7 and other technological advances can help us diagnose and treat your neuromuscular problems with ease. Contact Dr.Stephen W. Durham today for a free consultation.

A Close-Up Point of View

It’s very important to us that you are completely involved in every treatment decision you have to make. So we have an excellent tool called the intra-oral camera. This camera goes inside your mouth and shows the closest possible view of your teeth and gums. You can see where and why treatment is recommended, and we can also diagnose problems we can’t see with the naked eye.

Digital X-Rays

Instead of the old films you remember from years ago, we can now take an x-ray picture of your teeth with a digital tool that sends the image immediately into the computer for viewing by both you and the doctor. Radiation is greatly reduced (by about 75%!), and so is waste that otherwise can pollute the environment.

Ultra Sonic Scaler

To fight periodontal disease, we need to reduce plaque, tartar, and the number of bacteria in the pockets in your mouth. One device we use to remove calculus from teeth is an ultrasonic scaler. It consists of a wand with a small scaling tip that produces a soft ultrasonic vibration. The small, quick vibrations in combination with a water flow give us a whole new level of effectiveness in calculus removal. The benefits of ultrasonic scaling include:

*Increased efficiency of calculus removal. * Less need for hand scaling of stubborn deposits. * More comfortable access to the root surfaces.

Sterilization Center

Our state of the art office houses its own center  to clean, sterilize, and store our instruments in the most efficient and hygienic manner possible.

Electric Dental Handpieces

With our advanced electric dental handpieces, we are able to eliminate the hated high-pitch whine from the drill while providing quicker, more precise filling preparation.


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