The Joy of Technology: Advanced Denture Options Provide Solutions for immediate and Long-Term Results 


Losing one’s teeth can be a major emotional and physical ordeal to endure. Having teeth to replace those being removed immediately can be an important step in one’s self-confidence and well-being. This is where immediate dentures and partials come in.

Just as the name states, immediate dentures can be placed at the same time a tooth is removed. The appearance of the teeth can be based off of the existing smile, unless small changes are desired. Made from impressions taken before the removal of the teeth, immediate dentures are designed to help with the transition during the healing phase post-extraction. Because bone needs to remodel after tooth removal, this healing phase can take anywhere from four months to one year to occur. During that appropriate healing time, the immediate denture will require a number of soft re-lines to account for the normal shrinkage that occurs.

Once the healing process has taken place and the immediate dentures have supported patient through the process of extraction, then a second or more long-term denture will be strongly recommended. This will give the patient a better long-term fit and also satisfy any of the changes in appearance of the teeth that was not possible with the immediate denture set. The final result is the happy, healthy smile you deserve.

Neuromuscular dentures are created using the finest bite analysis available to make sure they put your jaw in its most natural position. A computerized bite analysis and a succession of careful impressions give you a precise fit that puts your jaw muscles at rest and allow your denture teeth to work with your body’s natural fit and alignment. A happy bi-product of this process it that these dentures fit far better than traditional dentures.

There’s no doubt that dentures are a big step in a person’s life. Our team makes sure that it is a big step forward, beginning with the moment you walk into the relaxed and considerate atmosphere of our office. Patients have said that they feel like they’re among family, and that’s our highest achievement. It is so important that folks not hesitate to do what’s right for their health, so our goal at Durham Dental is to make that easy, natural and comfortable.



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