Better Treatment for Gum Disease

Recent studies have made it clear that gum disease is not only an oral issue. It’s been discovered to affect a lot more than just gums. In a healthy mouth, bacteria are kept separate from the rest of your body. But if you have periodontitis, a serious gum infection, it can open up a door to your bloodstream, putting you at increased risk for heart disease, stroke, bacterial endocarditis, and even premature birth in pregnancy. It’s very important to prevent or immediately treat such a condition before it affects the rest of your body.

Laser technology called Laser Periodontal Therapy™ allows us to treat gum disease non-surgically, with little to no pain, using the PerioLase™. This is the only FDA-approved laser treatment for periodontitis, and it can reverse bone lost through years of gum disease. Because there’s no traditional cutting or sewing, there is also very little pain, and healing and recovery time are much faster!

“The PerioLase has done for gum disease what Lasik has done for poor vision.” – Dr. Stephen Durham


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