I was diagnosed with cancer in November 2011. My oncologist informed me of the importance of dental care in my fight against this dreaded disease. I was losing my teeth due to the treatment I was receiving. After a year of research I decided on Durham Dental. I went to Durham Dental for a consultation November 2012, I walked into a family of caring professionals who immediately made me feel I was an intricate part, and, my health and appearance became the goal of everyone in the office, Jennifer, Stacey, Jessica, Jamie, and Erika. Every facet of my care was discussed; each step was outlined and executed with precision. No doubt I had made the correct choice. During the next eight months I became ingrained in this professional family and their caring ways. They were always there for me constantly checking on my well-being, always letting me know they were there for me and no complaint or concern was too small for them to address immediately. Dr. Durham and his staff are second to none. On July 18, 2013 we had what they lovingly call a celebration. Celebrating my new look, smile, and confidence. I meet people in stores, restaurants, and in businesses who tell me” how great” ( yes I said great) I look, they say they are not sure what is different but they know something is different, of course I know it is due to my wonderful smile given to me by Durham Dental. In closing let me say without Dr. Durham and his staff I would not be the confident woman I am today. I believe in them so much I have referred my mother, daughter, and several friends. Thank you so much everyone at Durham Dental!