I was diagnosed with gum disease and of course, it scared me pretty bad. I didn’t realize the pain and swollen gums that bothered me so bad, and for so long was related to gum disease, rather I dismissed it as part of my sinus problems. Laser Periodontal Therapy (LANAP) was the recommended treatment, yet not one to deal with pain well, I was quite apprehensive. Knowing I needed to do whatever was necessary, I had the treatment started that day. To my surprise, there was absolutely no pain what so ever throughout the process. Doc told me I might experience some sensitivity the next morning, yet it should be very minor. I have to say, the only pain I felt the next day was … on the side of my mouth that had not been treated (as he could only treat one side at a time). Even though I had to drive 2 hours to my appointment, and they had already scheduled the completion of my treatment a couple of weeks out, I called the office the next morning requesting they let me know if there were any cancellations earlier, so I could get the other side done as fast as possible. As soon as the remainder of my treatment was finished, I could immediately feel the relief! I no longer had any sensitivity, no more swollen/sore gums, and felt as though I had a brand new smile. I would recommend Laser Periodontal Therapy to anyone who is diagnosed with gum disease … and would encourage having it done immediately! The longer you wait to have gum disease treated, the more chance you’re taking with your overall health.