I have experienced excruciating headaches, ear congestion, ringing in the ears, a tight jaw, and neck issues for years. After becoming a patient at Durham Dental for cleanings I learned the health of my teeth were deteriorating due to excessive grinding throughout the day and night. After talking extensively with Dr. Durham and his amazing staff I made one of the best decisions of my life to proceed with TMJ treatment. I was honestly skeptical that the TMJ treatment would help in so many areas of my life. I did not understand how everything was related to my bite. Well, I am here to say, I am a believer now! I thank Dr. Durham and his staff for my improved quality of life as well as adding me to their family. From the minute I walked into the office I was treated with the utmost respect, care and love. Going to the dentist has actually become a place I like to frequent! I honestly could go on forever about how wonderful and amazing you all are! Thank you Jen for making all of this happen! She was instrumental and actually the reason this all happened in my life. Love you all and look forward to seeing you again soon!