For years all the pictures taken of me were just like the one they took on the first of my visits at Durham Dental. Was it sadness? Maybe, or just the fact that I was not too proud of the way my teeth looked.

When you enter the office, the first thing you notice, are the welcomes with big smiles and white teeth. The second thing you notice is, that the dentist’s office smells like a cookie factory, which of course, would make your mouth open wide so you could eat one! You feel comfortable and relaxed and Dr. Durham’s staff takes the time to make you understand all of the procedures they will be performing on you. I really wanted to have my smile back. A smile is for me the best way to start a conversation or a relationship. People that smile look better than people that don’t and when you smile, you are happy.

Have you ever heard the expression; put your happy face on? Well for me, Dr. Durham not only gave me back my smile, but I really look happy and feel better about myself for the first time in years!

Thank you so much!