I suffered through years of bad experiences with dental procedures and finally gave up on dentists. As a result, my oral health had deteriorated to the point where I believed the only solution was dentures. I knew I needed help.

I found Durham Dental via an online search. I thought their website was well designed and informative. Spur of the moment, I decided to drop in without an appointment and was greeted by the most caring and professional team I have ever met. Within an hour, I had a complete assessment and was presented with choices I could make to restore my oral health. Options were presented in a clear manner along with time lines and costs. There were no surprises and there was no pressure to select any of the procedures. And most importantly for me, was they did not make me feel guilty about the poor condition of my teeth and gums.

The plan I chose included: LANAP (Laser Periodontal Therapy™), multiple extractions, removable temporary teeth and as the extraction sites healed, temporary non-removable teeth were installed. During this process I was shown how to properly care for my teeth and gums. After my gums were healthy, impressions for permanent non-removable teeth were made requiring the removal and replacement of new temporary non-removable teeth. All of these temporary teeth were made on site during the procedure–no waiting. The impressions for my permanent teeth were sent off to a lab for manufacture and arrived back a week earlier than expected. I was notified of their arrival and my appointment was moved up to the next day for installation.

Throughout the entire process, Dr. Durham and his team explained exactly what would happen during each procedure in layman terms. Their approach reflects his gentle and caring nature. I have never felt so comfortable in a dentist’s chair before.

When I first visited the Durham Dental website I read the many testimonials that were posted and was impressed. Now, based on my personal experience, I can unequivocally state that those testimonials are 100% accurate and true. I could not be happier with my results and the interaction with Dr. Durham and his superbly functioning team. They are great people.

Bottom line: I didn’t smile a lot before but now I’m beaming!