Odyssey: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune”… A perfect description for my experience with the Durham Dental crew!

Let’s start at the beginning. My husband had recently completed extensive dental work all done by Dr. Durham and his team. We were both extremely satisfied with the quality of the dental work and the care provided by everyone at Durham Dental. We decided it was my turn.

Going into my evaluation, I knew that I had several missing fillings and many old mercury fillings to be dealt with. I also thought that I had a slight problem with my bite–I hadn’t been able to eat corn on the cob in years and was reluctant to smile. I felt I was prepared for what my evaluation would show…

To my complete and utter surprise, I was also diagnosed with a serious jaw disorder. Although I had not experienced any painful symptoms, my jaw was out of alignment, which ruined my bite. Dr. Durham and his team explained that I was one of the lucky ones and proceeded to review in detail the photos and XRAYS that left no doubt as to my condition.

After my husband and discussed our options, we decided go for the ideal treatment which was treatment for my jaw problem as well as a full mouth restoration with porcelain crowns. And so, my odyssey began…

Just as my condition was a bit unusual (no normal symptoms), so was the process necessary to fix it. Getting my jaw back into proper alignment has been a challenge, but Dr. Durham and his team have overcome every obstacle my stubborn jaw has thrown their way. We are now at the beginning of the end of my odyssey–one bite impression away from my final porcelain crowns! Smiling comes naturally to me nowadays, and I’ve received many compliments on my smile. Best of all, my jaw is in the correct position and my mouth is healthy!

Dr. Durham and his team have been amazing throughout this entire process. They are obviously highly trained professionals, but what sets them apart, is their personal interest. Based on my husband’s experience, I knew I was going to receive the highest quality dental care available–and the moral support to get me through it. I was not disappointed. It’s that combination of professional care and personal concern that makes me say, without hesitation, that I would highly recommend Durham Dental for anyone’s dental needs.