Top Five Misconceptions About Tooth Implants

If you have missing, broken or damaged teeth, you will want to get some kind of replacement. There are several options including dentures and tooth implants that you can get. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular all throughout the world. … Continued

Is It Possible to Reverse Gum Disease or Cure It?

Proper oral care is essential, but not just to keep teeth strong and healthy. Failing to pay enough attention to the gum tissue can have disastrous effects. Once gum disease begins to take hold, it can cause bone loss beneath … Continued

Practical Dental Care Advice

Taking proper care of your teeth is very important for your overall health. If you do not take care of your teeth, several things can happen. You can lose your teeth, you could face infections, and you can affect your … Continued

What Are Dentures Made Of?

Dentures are ideal for when you want to replace a missing smile that you might not be feeling confident about any longer. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you do not like the way that you look and this … Continued

What Is Dental Anxiety?

For some people, the thought of a dental visit can cause more fear than watching a horror movie. Taking care of teeth involves more than flossing and brushing daily. It involves complete care such as visiting a dentist every six … Continued